How to review your flight

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Ever wanted to see how badly you got owned or owned someone in a dogfight? What move did the opponent make to dodge all your R27ET? How we wish sometimes to see the bigger picture, outside our cockpit.

Of the many great things that Falcon 4.0 brought to the Sim genre and the flight sims in general was the ACMI. Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) systems record an aircraft’s in-flight data. They are often used by the military for aerial combat training and analysis. With this you can see all the moves that you made, plus your enemies` moves, and the missiles that splashed you.

This replay system help shows the tactics you chose and the tactics used against you. In some cases, you’re flying along then… BOOOOM!!, you’re shot out of the sky. How!? Why!? The ACMI can tell you what happened with VCR or DVD type controls. Use them to slow down the action, rewind, and replay all the action.

For many years, the Lockon and DCS community has used a ACMI viewer called Tacview created by Vyrtuoz

What is TacView?

Eager to understand what really happened during your last flight? Tacview is a universal flight data analysis tool which enables you to easily record, analyze and understand any flight to improve your skills much faster than with conventional debriefings.


From your cockpit it is hard to know what happened all around you, especially on the other side of the theater… Use Tacview to take in the whole battlefield with a single glance, while simultanously keeping an eye on the smallest detail. As an instructor, you can now monitor and record trajectories, speed, and positions so you can clearly and easily demonstrate to your cadets how to improve their flight skills.

Visualize radar locks and missiles’ behavior to efficiently analyze both BVR flights and dogfights. From aspect angle to G forces, display and compare any telemetry number in tables, on aircraft and labels in the 3D view. Analyze the flight envelope and performances like corner speed by drawing detailed charts in just one click! You can even export telemetry data for deeper analysis in your favorite spreadsheet.


Everything is clear in Tacview: The whole world is synthesized with clean and easy to read colors and shapes. Move freely to look everywhere: Jump into the cockpit of any aircraft or ground unit, center the camera on a dogfight or observe everything at once from a satellite point of view thanks to the powerful strategic view. Detailed event log and statistics summary will help you to quickly understand which tactic has been efficient and where there is room for improvement.

Something has failed during your last mission? Now you can easily rewind time to see what happened. Tacview offers you the freedom to track everything instantaneously at any time!


Whether they are used by flight schools for tactical debriefing or to review real life flight performances, all the tools offered by Tacview will help you to progress and improve your skills faster than ever!

Reduce fuel consumption, validate approaches, and optimize aircraft energy like never before. And as a fighter pilot, you can – at last – see and understand who has fired first, why this hidden AAA was able to shoot at you, where the convoy you were looking for was, and how the enemy aircraft evaded two of your missiles the same time!

Watch tacview in action

How to get TACVIEW running?




Install TacView from the downloaded installer



Run/start tacview before flying in DCS world. It will automatically record flights


In multiplayer, to prevent cheating, some hosts are disabling data export. You can either record your flight afterward by playing back the track file automatically generated by DCS World for each multiplayer flight in the \Saved Games\DCS\Tracks\ folder. Or you can ask the host to enable data export.

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