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Nellis AFB spotting photos!
Hey guys! I recently had the pleasure of going to Nellis AFB in Nevada! I stood near Las Vegas Motor Speedway and got a whole bunch of planes flying out of Nellis including beautiful F-22s, F-35s and Aggressor F-16s!

Here's a couple of shots....

[Image: 1o0P5FO.jpg]

[Image: ppnCffy.jpg]

[Image: pvCTTao.jpg]

[Image: FoGvwU6.jpg]

So here is the link to the full album, please excuse the quality as my camera isn't that great and more of all I'm a noob :Tongue Anyways I really hope you enjoy!......

Nellis AFB shots
Looks awesome !!! That f-16 has the aggressor camo right?
[Image: 76561197983642366.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
(31-07-2017, 06:59 PM)xBloodshed Wrote:  Looks awesome !!! That f-16 has the aggressor camo right?

That is correct!! There were atleast 4 such F-16s that flew, each one had a different camo! Also notice there is an A-4 Skyhawk. It's the one from the private contractor Draken International. It was the only A-4 I saw fly out of Nellis! Smile

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