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BloodBot commands
.togethertube .totube Creates a new room on https://togethertube.com and shows the link in the chat. .totube
.whosplaying .whpl  Shows a list of users who are playing the specified game.  .whpl Overwatch
.inrole  Lists every person from the specified role on this server. You can use role ID, role name.  .inrole Some Role
.checkmyperms  Checks your user-specific permissions on this channel.  .checkmyperms
.roles  List roles on this server or a roles of a specific user if specified. Paginated, 20 roles per page.  .roles 2 or .roles @Someone
.channeltopic .ct  Sends current channel's topic as a message.  .ct
.showemojis .se  Shows a name and a link to every SPECIAL emoji in the message.  .se A message full of SPECIAL emojis
.calculate .calc  Evaluate a mathematical expression.  .calc 1+1
.calcops  Shows all available operations in the .calc command  .calcops
.listquotes .liqu  Lists all quotes on the server ordered alphabetically. 15 Per page.  .liqu or .liqu 3
...  Shows a random quote with a specified name.  ... abc
.qsearch  Shows a random quote for a keyword that contains any text specified in the search.  .qsearch keyword text
.quoteid .qid  Displays the quote with the specified ID number. Quote ID numbers can be found by typing .liqu [num] where [num] is a number of a page which contains 15 quotes.  .qid 123456
..  Adds a new quote with the specified name and message.  .. sayhi Hi
.remind   Sends a message to you after certain amount of time. First argument is  me. Second argument is time in a descending order (mo>w>d>h>m) example: 1w5d3h10m. Third argument is a (multiword) message.  .remind me 1d5h Do something
.convertlist  List of the convertible dimensions and currencies.  .convertlist
.convert  Convert quantities. Use .convertlist to see supported dimensions and currencies.  .convert m km 1000
.poll .ppoll Creates a public poll which requires users to type a number of the voting option in the channel command is ran in. .ppoll Question?;Answer1;Answ 2;A_3
.pollstats Shows the poll results without stopping the poll on this server. .pollstats
.pollend Stops active poll on this server and prints the results in this channel. .pollend
.linux Prints a customizable Linux interjection .linux Spyware Windows
.leet Converts a text to leetspeak with 6 (1-6) severity levels .leet 3 Hello
.choose Chooses a thing from a list of things .choose Get up;Sleep;Sleep more
.8ball Ask the 8ball a yes/no question. .8ball should I do something
[Image: 76561197983642366.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
.lolban Shows top banned champions ordered by ban rate. .lolban
.weather .we Shows weather data for a specified city. You can also specify a country after a comma. .we Moscow, RU
.time Shows the current time and timezone in the specified location. .time London, UK
.youtube .yt Searches youtubes and shows the first result .yt query
.imdb  Queries imdb for movies or series, show first result. .imdb Batman vs Superman
.randomcat .meow Shows a random cat image. .meow
.randomdog .woof Shows a random dog image. .woof
.image .img Pulls the first image found using a search parameter. Use .rimg for different results. .img cute kitten
.randomimage .rimg Pulls a random image using a search parameter. .rimg cute kitten
.lmgtfy Google something for an idiot. .lmgtfy query
.shorten Attempts to shorten an URL, if it fails, returns the input URL. .shorten https://google.com
.google .g Get a Google search link for some terms. .google query
.magicthegathering .mtg Searches for a Magic The Gathering card. .magicthegathering about face or  .mtg about face
.hearthstone .hs Searches for a Hearthstone card and shows its image. Takes a while to complete. .hs Ysera
.yodify .yoda Translates your normal sentences into Yoda styled sentences! .yoda my feelings hurt
.urbandict .ud Searches Urban Dictionary for a word. .ud Pineapple
.define .def Finds a definition of a word. .def heresy
.# Searches Tagdef.com for a hashtag. .# ff
.catfact Shows a random catfact from http://catfacts-api.appspot.com/api/facts .catfact
.revav Returns a Google reverse image search for someone's avatar. .revav @SomeGuy
.revimg Returns a Google reverse image search for an image from a link. .revimg Image link
.safebooru Shows a random image from safebooru with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. (multiple tags are appended with +) .safebooru yuri+kissing
.wikipedia .wiki Gives you back a wikipedia link .wiki query
.color Shows you what color corresponds to that hex. .color 00ff00
.videocall Creates a private http://www.appear.in video call link for you and other mentioned people. The link is sent to mentioned people via a private message. .videocall "@the First" "@Xyz"
.avatar .av Shows a mentioned person's avatar. .av @SomeGuy
.wikia Gives you back a wikia link .wikia mtg Vigilance or .wikia mlp Dashy
.mal Shows basic info from a MyAnimeList profile. .mal straysocks
.anime .ani .aq Queries anilist for an anime and shows the first result. .ani aquarion evol
.manga .mang .mq Queries anilist for a manga and shows the first result. .mq Shingeki no kyojin
.yomama .ym Shows a random joke from http://api.yomomma.info/ .ym
.randjoke .rj Shows a random joke from http://tambal.azurewebsites.net/joke/random .rj
.chucknorris .cn Shows a random Chuck Norris joke from http://api.icndb.com/jokes/random/ .cn
.wowjoke Get one of Kwoth's penultimate WoW jokes. .wowjoke
.magicitem .mi Shows a random magic item from https://1d4chan.org/wiki/List_of_/tg/%27s_magic_items .mi
.memelist Pulls a list of memes you can use with .memegen from http://memegen.link/templates/ .memelist
.memegen Generates a meme from memelist with top and bottom text. .memegen biw "gets iced coffee" "in the winter"
.overwatch .ow Show's basic stats on a player (competitive rank, playtime, level etc) Region codes are: eu us cn kr .ow us Battletag#1337 or .overwatch eu Battletag#2016
.pokemon .poke Searches for a pokemon. .poke Sylveon
.pokemonability .pokeab Searches for a pokemon ability. .pokeab overgrow
.liststreams .ls Lists all streams you are following on this server. .ls
.checkstream .cs Checks if a user is online on a certain streaming platform. .cs twitch MyFavStreamer
.translate .trans Translates from>to text. From the given language to the destination language. .trans en>fr Hello
.translangs Lists the valid languages for translation. .translangs
.xkcd Shows a XKCD comic. No arguments will retrieve random one. Number argument will retrieve a specific comic, and "latest" will get the latest one. .xkcd or .xkcd 1400 or .xkcd latest
[Image: 76561197983642366.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
Pokemon Battle

.attack Attacks a target with the given move. Use .movelist to see a list of moves your type can use. .attack "vine whip" @someguy
.movelist .ml Lists the moves you are able to use .ml
.heal Heals someone. Revives those who fainted. Costs a NadekoFlower. .heal @someone
.type Get the poketype of the target. .type @someone
.settype Set your poketype. Costs a NadekoFlower. Provide no arguments to see a list of available types. .settype fire or .settype

.rps Play a game of Rocket-Paperclip-Scissors with BloodBot. .rps scissors
.rategirl Use the universal hot-crazy wife zone matrix to determine the girl's worth. It is everything young men need to know about women. At any moment in time, any woman you have previously located on this chart can vanish from that location and appear anywhere else on the chart. .rategirl @SomeGurl

.hangmanlist Shows a list of hangman term types. .hangmanlist
.hangman Starts a game of hangman in the channel. Use  .hangmanlist to see a list of available term types. Defaults to 'all'. .hangman or .hangman movies
.hangmanstop Stops the active hangman game on this channel if it exists. .hangmanstop
.pick Picks the currency planted in this channel. 60 seconds cooldown. .pick
.plant Spend an amount of currency to plant it in this channel. Default is 1. .plant or .plant 5

.typestart Starts a typing contest. .typestart
.typestop Stops a typing contest on the current channel. .typestop
.typelist Lists added typing articles with their IDs. 15 per page. .typelist or .typelist 3
.tictactoe .ttt Starts a game of tic tac toe. Another user must run the command in the same channel in order to accept the challenge. Use numbers 1-9 to play. 15 seconds per move. 
.trivia .t Starts a game of trivia. You can add nohint to prevent hints. First player to get to 10 points wins by default. You can specify a different number. 30 seconds per question. .t or .t 5 nohint
.tl Shows a current trivia leaderboard. .tl
.tq Quits current trivia after current question. .tq
[Image: 76561197983642366.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
Gambling and Waifus
.raffle Prints a name and ID of a random user from the online list from the (optional) role. .raffle or .raffle RoleName
.$ .currency .$$ .cur Check how much currency a person has. (Defaults to yourself) .$ or .$ @SomeGuy
.give Give someone a certain amount of currency. .give 1 @SomeGuy

.betroll .br Bets a certain amount of currency and rolls a dice. Rolling over 66 yields x2 of your currency, over 90 - x4 and 100 x10. .br 5
.leaderboard .lb Displays the bot's currency leaderboard. .lb
.race Starts a new animal race. .race
.joinrace .jr Joins a new race. You can specify an amount of currency for betting (optional). You will get YourBet*(participants-1) back if you win. .jr or .jr 5

.roll Rolls 0-100. If you supply a number X it rolls up to 30 normal dice. If you split 2 numbers with letter  d (xdy) it will roll X dice from 1 to y. Y can be a letter 'F' if you want to roll fate dice instead of dnd. .roll or .roll 7 or .roll 3d5 or .roll 5dF
.rolluo Rolls X normal dice (up to 30) unordered. If you split 2 numbers with letter d (xdy) it will roll X dice from 1 to y. .rolluo or .rolluo 7 or  .rolluo 3d5
.nroll Rolls in a given range. .nroll 5 (rolls 0-5) or  .nroll 5-15

.draw Draws a card from this server's deck. You can draw up to 10 cards by supplying a number of cards to draw. .draw or .draw 5
.drawnew Draws a card from the NEW deck of cards. You can draw up to 10 cards by supplying a number of cards to draw. .drawnew or .drawnew 5
.deckshuffle .dsh Reshuffles all cards back into the deck. .dsh

.flip Flips coin(s) - heads or tails, and shows an image. .flip or .flip 3
.betflip .bf Bet to guess will the result be heads or tails. Guessing awards you 1.95x the currency you've bet (rounded up). Multiplier can be changed by the bot owner. .bf 5 heads or .bf 3 t

.shop Lists this server's administrators' shop. Paginated. .shop or .shop 2
.buy Buys an item from the shop on a given index. If buying items, make sure that the bot can DM you. .buy 2

.slot Play Blood slots. Max bet is 9999. 1.5 second cooldown per user. .slot 5

.claimwaifu .claim Claim a waifu for yourself by spending currency. You must spend at least 10% more than her current value unless she set .affinity towards you. .claim 50 @Himesama
.divorce Releases your claim on a specific waifu. You will get some of the money you've spent back unless that waifu has an affinity towards you. 6 hours cooldown. .divorce @CheatingSloot
.affinity Sets your affinity towards someone you want to be claimed by. Setting affinity will reduce their .claim on you by 20%. You can leave second argument empty to clear your affinity. 30 minutes cooldown. .affinity @MyHusband or  .affinity
.waifus .waifulb Shows top 9 waifus. You can specify another page to show other waifus. .waifus or .waifulb 3
.waifuinfo .waifustats Shows waifu stats for a target person. Defaults to you if no user is provided. .waifuinfo @MyCrush or  .waifuinfo
[Image: 76561197983642366.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
NSFW (18+)
Using these in channel other than #nsfw will get you banned.

.hentaiShows a hentai image from a random website (gelbooru or danbooru or konachan or atfbooru or yandere) with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. Only 1 tag allowed. .hentai yuri

.hentaibomb Shows a total 5 images (from gelbooru, danbooru, konachan, yandere and atfbooru). Tag is optional but preferred. .hentaibomb yuri
.yandere Shows a random image from yandere with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. (multiple tags are appended with +) .yandere tag1+tag2
.konachan Shows a random hentai image from konachan with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. .konachan yuri
.e621 Shows a random hentai image from e621.net with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. Use spaces for multiple tags. .e621 yuri kissing
.rule34 Shows a random image from rule34.xx with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. (multiple tags are appended with +) .rule34 yuri+kissing
.danbooru Shows a random hentai image from danbooru with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. (multiple tags are appended with +) .danbooru yuri+kissing
.gelbooru Shows a random hentai image from gelbooru with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. (multiple tags are appended with +) .gelbooru yuri+kissing
.boobs Real adult content. .boobs
.butts .ass .butt Real adult content. .butts or .ass
[Image: 76561197983642366.png][Image: AddFriend.png]

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