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Good day, mates!
I'm Vishnu, from Kerala. Had played FC and FC2. Now planning to update to DCS. It's been amazing to know about ITGC. At this point, I'm just beginning to set up my accessories, will fly with y'all in a while.  Cool
Hey Vishnu and welcome to the forums. Where in Kerala are you from? I'm from Coimbatore myself.

Glad to know you flew in FC1 and FC2, it was the gold standard for competitive flying. What was (in FC,FC2)/is your callsign?

To fly with us, make sure you have the FC3 module because we primarily utilize the Russian jets for training and competitive flying. The other aircrafts we utilize are the Mirage 2000C, Ka-50, A-10C, and Mi-8.
Hello and welcome Vishnu. See you in the virtual skies!!!
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