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Special Thanks!
Dear everyone,

let me please also take a moment to thank the Indian Tactical Gaming Community on behalf of the entire 104th Phoenix!

Special thanks to them!

For years we have been looking for a suitable partner in order to launch a replica of our Server for the Asian/ Australian or far Eastern Community. Often we didnt succeed. We found great guys, but they didnt speak English and communication wasn't feasible. Some where too far away. Others would have gone too much in over their heads. We needed a partner we could communicate with, we could trust with our content and who above all would be willing to lend themselves not only from a facilitating and adminsitrative point of view, but also to submit their squadron name to help carry further the 104th Phoenix Server brand, which ultimately stands for stability, reliability and accessibility - with no exceptions. It took us years to develop these standards and naturally it took us years to find the right partner, who we could entrust with all that, too.

It turned out though, that this partner would find us! A couple of months ago Verticle Charlie approached me concerning this collaboration and more or less immediately we were able to see the great potential in this Squadron. Our long term goal for this collaboration is not only that they help us host the server, but that we also help them to grow into a bigger representative of the community in general. And they deserve it. They are reliable, a great bunch of guys, most important of course, successful in what they do, easy to communicate with and in other words: the perfect partner for us and the community. Because ultimately our combined goal is of course: to help further grow the Asian / Australian / far eastern Community in DCS Multiplayer.

So again, please let me thank the Indian Tactical Gaming Community - we couldn't be happier to have you guys as a partner!

In the long term this collaboration shall of course, and hopefully, bare fruits in both directions. Exchange is always brilliant, a new flux of information, of ideas, the inclusion of so many potential online DCS Members who all will bring new wind in the entire landscape of DCS Multiplayer! That is really exciting! In that sense we also hope to host soon in the future 104th Events at the same time (or parallel suited to the timezones), so that both parts of the community can engage in the same endeavours. Which ultimately will lead us to a proper DCS World Championship, which I would like to announce already here. Nowhere else. But here. In the far east. In that part of the world, that so far in major numbers has been banned from most mainstream servers, because we had and still have to protect the stability of the server. This is the right step in the right direction. And we are extremely thrilled to take it together with the Indian Tactial Gaming Community.

Please remember: both servers are identical: fly in the server where you have the lower ping!

Nuff said! Nuff talk! Enjoy the server and see you in the skies,

on behalf of 104th Command,

tail #23
104th Phoenix Command
104th Phoenix Senior Flight Instructor


[Image: 0X6MA7S.jpg]
we would like to thank the 104th Phoenix, Ironmike, and Riptide as well for taking the time in helping setting the server up. It was time consuming and tricky, but you guys were professional and patient. It would not have been possible without the guidance given! So thanks again and see you in the skies.


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