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Admins / Moderators request for Counter Strike Global Offensive.
With almost 24x7 99% uptime of our Counter Strike Global Offensive servers, there were lots of members who were keen to know to get adminship / moderator for the servers.

Thank you all for your wonderful time given on our servers.

Talking further regarding the topic, I would like hereby confirm to you guys that to get Moderator or Admin ship you need to follow below terms and conditions

Note : We dont take payments for admin ship. We are Non Profit Community

Hierarchy (Not as Military Ranks)
1) Owners / Founders/ Administrative Department
2) Admins
3) Moderators

Terms and Conditions are as follows

1) Must be 18+ age. (Not good for below but require mature people for understanding the Community working)
2) Must be having legal copy of Counter Strike Global Offensive. (I know this is dumb Terms, but we dont want people to send us request that dont own a copy and they ask for Adminship and they will say we will get the games later)
3) Must be having minimum 300 hours of Gameplay of Counter Strike Global Offensive in Steam
4) Must be having minimum 10 hours of Gameplay on ITGCommunity Servers  per week.
5) Total time spent on ITGCommunity servers should be around 30 hours.
6) Follow higher admins commands. Admins will have more priority than Moderators unless stated by the Administrator department of the community.
7) Will attend weekly / monthly meetings of ITGCommunity to talk about issues/improvement/feedback. This is Mandatory. Not following to this will also remove to Admin ship
8) Must be always online on Teamspeak 3 to give support to players whenever Admins are called on the servers.
9) Will not misuse powers of Adminship like Kicking to other players for bringing your friends inside the servers.

Rules and Regulations of the Servers

1) Hacking / Cheating / Ghosting not allowed.
2) Do not Team Kill in Competitive Servers.
3) Music Mic spam without permission from Admins not allowed.
4) Do not troll other players and respect all players.
To Apply Please use the Below Google Form Application.
[Image: MXqXlDt.png]
[Image: 76561198112911540.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
Everyone is requested to use Google Form Link from above to fill Admin Application
[Image: MXqXlDt.png]
[Image: 76561198112911540.png][Image: AddFriend.png]

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