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Fixed ArmA3Sync Mods Update
Arma3sync files are close to 22+ GB, and the speed at which it downloads the file is around 100-250 for some reason,
and i really cannot leave the download as some one pointed out that it stops once in a while and also its giving files missing error once in a while. Hope u guys fix it fast Smile

For now downloading directly from armaholic Redbarron shared the links, i think having links for all mods would be great for backup just in case our repo is slow
Armaholic has some issues regarding mods. While downloading they cant be stopped and they need to be downloaded fully again for all the updates. While Arma 3 Sync only updates those files which are required while new update comes. Like RHS Escalation mod which is itself around 3.40 GB and you need to download that 3.40GB again while Arma 3 Sync will only download the files which were updated from the mod. Also there is issue with mis-matching mods with the server and client that makes the player to get kicked. So in order to keep this safe we use Arma 3 Sync and for speed issues i will take that in mind and give you soon reply if there is any issue with it.
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Actually, RHS Escalation uses rsync (the one u run with wget) so you dont need to download the entire mod again in case of an update. Anyway, I would suggest downloading big mods from original source : AIATP from official torrent, RHS Escalation from red hammer studios site etc : and then sync using arma3sync for smaller files.
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As you mentioned xBloodshed for CUP mods , i would recommend using the whole CUP project.
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This is duplicate thread of Bug given by RaymondLee. We have solved the issue can be found under our Arma 3 Sync guide at our guides sections.

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[Image: 76561198112911540.png][Image: AddFriend.png]

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