About Us

The ITGC Air Corps was founded by a group of flight sim

enthusiasts in the DCS Community of ITGC in October 2015. What

started out as a group of 2 doing dogfights has soon evolved to include more

than 20 pilots from a wide geographical region. Apart from the core Indian group,

we now have pilots from the United Kingdom, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh

and Hong Kong.

All of the members fly the Sukhoi 27 aircraft, but we also have pilots who specialize on the

Mirage 2000, F15C, Su25T, Mig15, Mi8 and the Ka50.

Most of the squadron can be seen flying on the weekends from 1330Z (7PM IST).

But, you’ll also generally find someone in the Officers’ Mess Channel of our

TeamSpeak server at around 1400Z (7:30PM IST) on weekdays as well.

If you’re looking for a fun loving squadron, do hop into our TeamSpeak server

and join us in the fun. The server details can be found below.



TS3 Server Details:

Address    : ts.itgcommunity.com

Password : Overwatch

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