Welcome to ITGC Air Corps

We have been playing Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) in multiplayer as a group since 2015. ITGC Air Corps was formed from the ITGC Arma member group with a few enthusiastic players flying together and have been growing ever since.


How do I join ITGC DCS?

Joining the ITGC Air Corps is very easy. For starters, you need to check if you fulfill these minimum requirements.

  • Have DCS : World (duh). DCS:World is free on steam and comes with 2 free aircrafts: SU-25T and the TF-51D Mustang, the latter which has a fully clickable cockpit.
  • Have a joystick. Please do not bother flying around with your keyboard!
  • Install Teamspeak3 and have a working mic.

If you qualify for the minimum requirements, all you have to do then, is

  1. Register in the forums.
  2. Link your steam ID to profile.
  3. Post in the “[ITGC] Air Corps” forum introducing yourself.

Well, that’s it basically. Join us in our TS3 server and admins will be ready to help!

I am totally new. How do I play DCS?

We highly suggest you first complete the in-game tutorials. It will be highly preferred if you complete the entire tutorial 2 times atleast 🙂 .

After that, any of our veteran members will be more than happy to help you out in learning the various modules and clearing out any doubts that you might have. We do carry out training missions from time to time.

What modules/aircrafts do you fly?

We are open to flying any of the modules, even combined arms. As missions are made by ourselves, we incorporate any modules that community members will likely use.
Currently, these are the modules that we normally fly.

  • Base (Su-25T)
  • Flaming Cliffs 3 (F-15C, Su-27, A-10A, Su-33, Mig-29, SU-25)
  • A-10C
  • Ka-50
  • Mig-21bis
  • Mirage 2000
  • UH-1H Huey
  • Mi-8MTV2
  • P-51

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