Introducing ITGC Scrim Servers for Clan vs Clan

Introducing Counter Strike Global Offensive Scrim Servers .

If you are running a Clan or Team of CSGO and you are looking for some serious Clan vs Clan matches , Contact us we can help you the best possible way for getting your matches ready including some teams can be picked from our Database and matches can be fixed .

Keep in mind that there are some Rules and Regulations of the Scrim matches on our server that every Clan or Players have to follow .


High Performance Servers

All our Scrim servers are on Standard 128 Tickrate with 128 Update Rate [updaterate] and 128 CMD Rate [cmdrate] giving us best 128 Tickrate expiriences.


GOTV Support

Want your Friends to have a look in game?  We have all servers with GOTV enabled. This will allow your friends/ Clan members to view your matches and also can be viewed for Performance.


Steam Based Auth System

Our Scrim servers uses Steam ID based Authentication System which only allow registered team  members to get inside server.

Custom Logo and Coaching System

Our Scrim server supports Coaching system which allows Clans to have their Coachs inside the server and guide their Teams properly . This imporves Gameplay and also can look at more performance . Custom Logos for your Clans [Image should be provided to Scrim management team before match in 64×64 Transparent Format]

ITGC Scrim Rules and Regulations


1) Teams have to registered with us in advances as they are locked in before the matches are made up. It will only allow 7 players inside the team including one coach of the team. So before making changes or allowing different players during the match will not be allowed [This system works on Steam ID Authentication System which will auto kick everyone who are not in match]

2) If any player is found Hacking / Cheating or using Game Exploits , he/she will be banned permanently from all our Scrim Servers and other servers also. The team will recieve 1 Month bans from making next schedule Scrim Matches. Any players from the registered team has a VAC Ban ID , he/she will also be banned permanently . 

3) Trying to spam Server RCON Password [I know but this has been seen before also] will be banned with IP Address. We will not remove that IP bans from the server. 

4) No Trolling / Racist or Religious Discussions or Comments in either Chat or Voice Channels . Sometime we will be live streaming Clan Matches on our Twitch / Youtube stream so we might use them .

Want to participate in our Scrim Server Matches? Just fill the form on the Link Below. Watch out for Steam ID section properly before adding them.

“ITGC Scrim Services and Servers have best performance and ping to SEA countries . 128 tickrate and no match interferances by any players. ”

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