Introducing ITGC Community Competitive Servers

Introducing Community Competitive Servers in India . Low Ping , High Performance

Ready to compete for amazing Mod of CS GO !! We are bringing you local Surf Server

Finally we have  Surf Server working 24×7 with every month new updates .

Can you compete alone in the Field ? We have perfect Aim Maps for 1vs1 Arena.

Introducing 1vs1 Arena servers. More Maps and more players improve your skills today

ITGC Competitive Servers Features


High Performance - 128 Tick Rate

All of our major servers are 128 Tick Rate with High Performance including 128 CMD Rate and 128 UP Rate with best quality and low ping servers

Call Admin Support

We have our own Call Admin function running on server to give Community best Real Time Supports. 

Ranking Systems

Introducing our Rank System where you can compete with all other Players. 

Connect to Server #1 - 128 Tick

Connect to Server


Introducing Retake Mod  for CSGO. A simple objective based Mod for CSGO. T plants the bomb in first 10 seconds and CT has simple objective just to defuse the bomb anyhow. Predefined Weapon Selection is also available inside our server.

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