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Arma 3

Arma  3 was released in year 2013  by Bohemia Interactive Studios. Bohemia Interactive Studios is a part of Bohemia Interacive Simulations which is a Engine and Simulation making company for Military companies around the world. After creating Arma 2 which was released in year 2009 and response from the community made Arma 3 one of the open sandbox game till today. Will support of own Custom Mission making to own Mod making , everything is supported in Arma 3.


ITGC was formed in year 2015 by Arma 3 players from India just joined random hosted Server.  Slowly looking into the game base into SEA countries ITGC was formed by our Core members for specially playing games in Tactical Game method. ITGC Ops are basic Ops for all the community members to join in . We use Realism mods like Task Force Arrowhead Radio (Real World Radio Simulation) , ACE3 which has more realistic functions like Advanced Medic System, Fatigue, Engineers and even Advanced Ballistics with lot of interesting feature. All our Medics / Engineers and Marksman  have to go through complete Advance Training in order to be a role for the same.  Basic Ops we will mainly do Mission on the Go using either MCC Sandbox or Zeus Missions. They are very challanging and good to play in Tactical Manner. Our future plans lie ahead of Making ITGC Arma 3 a good MilSim Community based Game play. Stay Tuned for more updates. Player’s will be awarded with Medals regarding on completing of their Roles based Training specially .

Arma 3 ITGC Guides

Communication Procedures

Core Principles of Combat Voice Communications The core principles of voice communication in a game like Arma 3 are as follows. Brevity. Brevity is the art of saying a lot with few words. One must always strive to be frugal on the number of words needed to convey a...

ACE3 Advanced Medical Guide

So, I’ve been doing some extensive research on the ACE3 advanced medical system, and I wanted to share some pointers and tips. Basically, there are THREE main vitals to simulate the medical system. 1. Heart Rate (Pulse) 2. Blood Pressure 3. Pain There is also a fourth...

ITGC Arma 3 Media Section

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